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the first generation aQustic hearing aid

C$ 699

aQustic hearing aids are designed to solve the problems of positive feedback whistling, annoying background white noise, distorted speech, and high-decibel screeching noise, while meeting the needs of people with hearing loss for easy operation, intuitive and accurate volume control. Our hearing aids are intended to address the various needs of people with hearing loss, such as fashionable and beautiful appearance, comfortable wearing, and battery cost savings. Our hearing aids are designed to help people with hearing loss to enjoy a better life by providing them with the best quality and functionality to meet their various needs.

1. Completely eliminate the high beta positive feedback whine
2. Mute the background "rustle" noise from the headset
3. New microphone and automatic gain amplifier are used, which have excellent low, medium and high frequency timbre
4. Adopt moving coil high power small diameter earphone to restore familiar natural sound
5. Large LCD digital display volume, which is convenient for users with dazzling eyes to set the volume
6. The volume tuning is simple and convenient, and the tuning accuracy is up to 1 dB
7. Automatic suppression and elimination of high decibel external noise and harsh noise
8. Digital display of lithium battery capacity and charging
9. You can make a phone call directly from the landline
10. The earphone can be interchanged between left and right ears for comfortable wearing
11. There is no need to plug the earphone tightly, and there is no stuffy feeling or foreign body feeling in the ear canal
12. Lithium battery power supply, charger charging, once a week
13. All metal shielding shell to prevent the interference of external electromagnetic field
14. The headset will beep intermittently when placed on the desktop to remind the user to turn off the hearing aid.
15. The whole machine is simple, beautiful and easy to carry